Chunky Dunky

Our last post was regarding the upcoming “Dancing Bears/Grateful Dead” Dunk pack. Well Jerry Garcia (lead guitarist) had the honor of getting his own ice cream flavor, properly titled “Cherry Garcia” by Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream. This all ties together, as Ben & Jerry’s is also collaborating with Nike SB on a Dunk!!!

This Dunk is one of the best I’ve seen in quite some time when it comes to detail. The Swoosh features a drip, similar to that of melting ice cream, the colorway incorporates various flavors, and they even used the Ben & Jerry’s signature font! To top it off (no pun intended) they have even come up with a very clever nick name for this sneaker: “The Chunky Dunky.” Personally, I can not wait for this release and will keep you updated with any relevant information. Expect these to drop Summer 2020.

Update: These appear to be a QS release.

Images courtesy of @94_sbchef

The Grateful Dead Dunk Pack

It’s no secret that SB Dunks are back and hype like its 2005 all over again. We’ve seen Nike SB implement “Orange Label” releases, which are allocated to core skate-shops only. We’ve also seen them pump out quality GRs (general releases), allowing shops to drop when they’d like. QS (currently rainbow box) are coming along nicely, as well. To summarize: Sandy would be proud.

With all this in mind, we’ve also seen the team pay homage to older models, ex. the recent Rayguns. It is also important to implement new ideas. Rumors have recently leaked of what appears to be a “Grateful Dead” Pack, which is unique, however slightly reminiscent of the unreleased Garfield Samples, or some would even say borrow concepts from the “3 Bears” Pack (designed by James Arizumi).

Thought not much information is known about this pack at the moment, we will do our best to keep you in the loop. Rumors are that one of these colorways may be a California exclusive. More info. coming soon!

Images courtesy of @modernnotoriety

Off-White Rubber Dunks?

Not too long ago, Virgil dropped the Off-White Dunks, which were met with some mixed reviews, however the pack did very well overall. To clarify, it was not an SB, just a Dunk featuring Virgil’s crafty details, and a new hiking-boot inspired lacing style. There have been rumors of another Off-White Dunk collab. coming, nicknamed the “Rubber Dunks” (so far). Pictures leaked a bit ago, and sneakerheads weren’t sure what to think, as the images didn’t quite resemble the beloved Dunk silhouette.

We were teased with clear images of a Black upper with a green sole, which looks like that of a Dunk, but with an air bubble in the heal. Of course it is topped with the brand’s signature zip-tie. Though not much is known about this upcoming silhouette, it has also been referred to as the “P-6000 with a Dunk sole.” What we do know, however, is that this new shoe will release in three colorways: Green, Silver, and yellow. Though they are not as clear, some images of these other colorways recently leaked and can be seen below:

These “Dunks” are rumored to drop this summer, at $180 (each). Details, more information, and higher-quality pictures coming soon!

Updated Images:

Images courtesy of @wavegod_thelegend

Rumors of FOG and Nike Parting Ways

A very limited drop of Fear of God x Nike’s ‘Air FOG 1’ in the String/ The Question colorway was planned to drop in Chicago for All Star Weekend. Though they did drop, the release didn’t quite go as planned. Not many were able to secure a pair. And the chances of scoring these may have just gotten a lot tougher.

Rumors began to swirl as FootLocker pulled the product from their app. Shortly after, it was announced only Saint Alfred (a boutique in Chicago) would be raffling pairs (which they did). It was then announced that this sneaker would see a wider release on February 28th, however PY_RATES recently confirmed this shoe is “on hold.”

To add to speculation, Jerry Lorenzo shared some images comparing his Nike collab. to that of Allen Iverson’s Pro-Model from Reebok, an obvious competitor. Refer to photos below.

Though neither company has confirmed whether or not this shoe is postponed or cancelled altogether, since the rumors started, prices have skyrocketed. For reference, check it out:

Both companies still have each other’s products available via their websites:
So there is a chance this issue could be only regarding the sneaker, not their entire contract.

Again, these are all rumors, and we will keep you posted.

Update: 2/20/20:
Official images of the “String” colorway have been released, hinting that these rumors are not true. Fingers crossed these may drop on 2/28/20.

Update: 2/27/20:
All Stores have pulled the product from shelves due to “quality control issues.”

Images courtesy of Jerry Lorenzo & J23app

**Check back soon, for a full review of All Star Weekend Chi, 2020. **

All-Star Weekend 2020

A lot of people look forward to the festivities involved with All-Star Weekend, but if you’re like me, you basically only care about the limited sneaker releases.

This year, the event will take place in Chicago, and Jordan Brand has quite a few special releases planned. We’ve all been teased with the “New Beginnings” pack, which includes the first public release of the infamous Nike Air Ship, along with a Jordan 1 (with a new higher price tag). Just today, however, Nike shared some other releases planned for ASW as well.

Though it hasn’t been announced, there is speculation that Virgil will drop his Off-White Jordan 5 collaboration that weekend as well. January has been a slow month for shoes, but things are definitely about to speed up!

Images courtesy of Nike.

Travis Scott x Nike SB Dunks

After dropping visuals for his recent project, “Jack Boys”, many noticed that Travis Scott had some never-before-seen Dunks on his feet. After speculation and various photo shops, it has been confirmed that this collaboration will release to the public, and is expected to do so in February. Though not many details are known at the moment, you can expect these to drop at skate shops. More info. coming soon.

Screen Shot 2019-12-31 at 1.25.16 AMImages courtesy of Lil_john310

Rayguns Return!

Many have been referring to this December as “Yeezy Season” as we are seeing the releases of multiple 350 V2s (reflective and non), the 380, more 700s, including a new 700 V3, and a 500 high-top. These releases, however, have some competition, as it’s also Dunk-time! Aside from the upcoming OSKi’s / Polar Skate “Shark” Dunks and the rerelease of the Vio-techs, we also have the extremely hype Off-White Dunk pack to look forward to. Well wait, there’s more!

Though many rumors have been swirling around regarding paying homage to the OG Rayguns, now there are images of two unique colorways (black and white dominant versions like the OG release) floating around. Please see the OG’s below:

Screen Shot 2019-12-04 at 11.17.16 AM

It’s important to note that Kyrie recently incorporated this theme into a pair of his 3’s, which has helped bring momentum back to Nike SB.

Screen Shot 2019-12-04 at 11.18.45 AM

This time, however, the Whites (Home) and Blacks (Away) will both feature tie-dye throughout, in honor of the late Sandy Bodecker’s style. The Blacks (Away) will come in Adults and Toddlers, while the Whites (Home) will only release in Adult’s sizing. Though it is subject to change, these are expected to drop at the end of the month, on December 27th in skate shops, and the 28th for the Nike SNKRS app.The Black pair will be more widely available (including SNKRS), while the Whites will be exclusive to skate shops.


Though we look forward to many releases this month, this pack may be the most important as it’s going to be a nostalgic release and pays respect to Sandy. Similar to the first release, we can expect clothing items to drop in the “Raygun” theme as well. Stay tuned for more updates.


Screen Shot 2019-12-04 at 1.21.38 PM.png                              Images courtesy of lil_john310 & nikesbornothing  & Stock X.


Black Friday is the best time to shop, and per usual, there will be some hype sneakers dropping this year on November 29th, from Nike, Jordan, and Adidas. Though many speculated a “Bred” Jordan 1 High OG would drop at this time, the Jordan brand has confirmed it will be a Jordan 1, however in a different Black/Red color theme. The Three Stripes plan to re-release the Black 350 V2s, while Nike is partnering up with Fragment and Clot to drop a “Black Silk” AF1. The Forces will be the most limited, followed by the 350s, and then the Jordans. For more info. regarding the Clots, click here. Which will you be going for?

Screen Shot 2019-11-16 at 2.13.15 PMImages courtesy of Nike & StockX. 


Update (Nov. 17, 2019): Though originally teasing a picture of the “Black Silk” clots with the caption “BLACK FRIDAZE,” Edison Chen (of Clot) has announced that these will release on Nov. 22nd at a “secret” location in Tokyo, with no plans to drop on Nike. black friday

———————————————————————————————————————————-changedUpdate: Black Friday confirmed online for Clot.
Screen Shot 2019-11-24 at 2.16.22 PM.png

Staple x SBTG

Nike has been on a roll recently with their collaborations. Jeff Staple and Mr. SBTG, who both have dropped SB’s in the past, will now be joining forces to work on a new project. Jeff teased us today via Instagram. Not much is known about these sneakers yet, but the silhouette appears to be an Air Force 1, vs. the Dunk, which both have been known to use as their canvas.

We see features from both artists, such as SBTG’s cammo-inspired print, and Staple’s pidgeon. No release date is currently scheduled, however keep an eye on their websites (SBTG & STAPLE) along with Nike.

Images courtesy of Jeff Staple.

Fragment x Clot “Black Silk” AF1

Clot has collaborated with Nike on their popular model, the Air Force One, multiple times featuring a silk theme.  We have seen them drop a Red pair (featuring a visible air unit), and more recently the White and Blue pairs. All are limited, and fetch decent amounts on the resell market. Just today, Clot has teased us with images of what appears to be a collaboration with Fragment [and Nike].

Dressed in all Black, these AF1s look very elegant. Not much is known about this colorway at this time, however we expect them to retail for $250. Not many retailers had the “Blue Silk” available, and those who did mostly sold via in-store raffles. Your best bet would be to cop off the Nike SNKRS app. or Clot’s website when they drop (Clot tends to drop earlier than Nike). We will keep you updated regarding this release.

Update: These are scheduled to drop on Black Friday, Nov. 29th and  will feature red material underneath, as it fades away. black fridayunderneath

Update (Nov. 17, 2019): Though originally teasing a picture of the “Black Silk” clots with the caption “BLACK FRIDAZE,” Edison Chen (of Clot) has announced that these will release on Nov. 22nd at a “secret” location in Tokyo, with no plans to drop on Nike.changed                                                         Images courtesy of Clot.